From pipelines to power systems

Need expert underground utility services—and a job done right the first time? We work around energized medium voltage cables almost daily and are highly experienced in this type of work. We are often called upon to place split duct over cables exposed by others during various construction projects, rebuild/relocate damaged pole laterals with live medium voltage cables, and break and rebuild duct banks containing energized plant. We have installed kilometres of conduit in the vicinity of existing cable, often direct buried.

Bradley Kelly provides a wide range of underground utilities services, including the following:

Hydro duct banks

Bradley Kelly provides underground utilities and infrastructure to commercial and residential locations throughout Ottawa. Services and applications include:

  • Break out and rebuilding existing ductbanks
  • Excavating to install new ductbanks both direct buried and concrete encased
  • Laying pipe
  • System expansion
  • Updates
  • New builds
  • Service upgrades
  • End-of-life replacement
  • Replacing infrastructure in residential sub-divisions
  • Hydro cable replacements

Hydro transformer bases and pads

  • Excavation—grounding work for the transformer base, recommendation if required
  • Installing the base and pads for Hydro transformers

Hydro and Bell manholes, precast and cast in place

Bradley Kelly is a local leader in cast in place manholes and manhole rebuilds. We are experts in cast-in-place manhole construction projects involving breaking back and rebuilding the duct banks connecting to the manhole from all directions, as well as supporting and working around suspended cables throughout the entire construction process. Services include:

  • Installation of precast manholes
  • Cast in Place – Breakout of aging manhole, and pouring new ones over existing cables and infrastructure
  • Manhole roof rebuilds

Poles and anchors

  • Digging holes for new Hydro poles
  • Break out and rebuild of existing pole risers or installing new
  • Replacement of end-of-life poles
  • Excavations to remove end-of-life poles

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