Bradley Kelly Sponsors The “Original Beautiful Game”

You may never have heard of Gaelic Football, but we at Bradley Kelly are big fans!

So big, in fact, that we are platinum-level annual sponsor of the Ottawa Gaels youth program.

Now that we have recently rebranded, the new Bradley Kelly logo is featured prominently on the front of more than 100 kids’ jerseys. Plus, we help support the youth program financially by purchasing equipment and making it easier for them to attend the Continental Youth Championships.

So what is Gaelic Football, anyway?

Known as the “original beautiful game,” it is Ireland’s most popular spectator sport: combining skills from soccer, volleyball, football, basketball, and the speed of some of the world’s fastest sports.

Given our company’s (and founders’) Irish heritage, it only makes sense that we would sponsor an organization promoting Gaelic games and culture.

Here are some interesting tidbits about Gaelic Football in Ottawa:

  • The ball used is round and covered in soft leather, similar to but a bit heavier than a volleyball
  • This round-ball game requires 15 athletes per team to line up across the full field—that’s 30 players on the field at once!
  • It is one of the few remaining amateur sports worldwide with players, coaches and managers prohibited from receiving payment

Want to learn more about Gaelic Football youth programs in Ottawa? Click here to learn about the Ottawa Gaels!